Handbag by Ciera Wells

Ciera Wells

Kiai Designs


Fiber Arts

New York NY

(by way of Bristol VT & Japan)

My recent work is a kind of patchwork of impressions and textures. As I travel and live in different countries, I find myself seeking out fabrics, textiles, old linens, clothing, ribbons, etc. Wandering through markets and fabric shops, my fingers seem to have a will of their own. Under my touch, textiles have a magical kind of life. The feel, the weave, the shimmer, the color… all important. But the older, used fabrics are the most fascinating. These material remnants tell an intriguing story.


As a resident of Japan, I found myself drawn to the scores of kimonos discarded by the modern population. Each and every one I’ve bought and taken apart was hand sewn, some hand dyed. These fabrics are not just an intimate part of a culture but of a family and an individual and now part of my story of being an appreciative outsider. Combining these kimono fabrics with other materials both modern and antique, I try to create a new story. The result is hopefully a respectful integration of history, culture, color and design that is both practical and delightful. Each of my handbags is a wholly unique re-creation waiting to become your story.


Ciera was a Featured Artist at Art on Main during the month of August, 2005.