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Small Treasures: in acrylic & clay
October 3 - November 16
Opening Reception: Saturday October 20, 6-8pm

Small Treasures features original paintings by Middlebury artist Patty LeBon Herb and pottery by Ferrisburgh artisan Jen Labie.

Virtually all of Patty's paintings in this show have been created this summer and fall just for the occasion. Miniatures, ranging from 8x10" at the largest down to 1x2", these acrylics are inspired by landscapes close to home, roadscapes from trips made throughout the midwest, and figures viewed as landscapes. Their scale and visual familiarity is balanced by "The Gift," a favorite full-size urban land/roadscape from a long ago visit to Paris, France.

Jen's functional ceramics incorporate the landscape as well with curves and colors reminiscent of the lake and mountains around us. Her body of work includes robust soup bowls, asian-inspired rice and dipping bowls with chopsticks, tumblers, and ceramic-contained soy candles.

Art on Main offers the community an opportunity to meet the artists on Saturday October 20 from 6-8pm in the Gallery at 25 Main Street, Bristol. Both artists will be on hand, refreshments will be served, and Henrik Herb & Andrea Tomasi will provide live music for the evening.

About Patty LeBon Herb: Patricia LeBon Herb has studied at the St. Paul's School of the Associated Arts, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and the Akademie Voor Schone Kunst, Antwerp, Belgium. She is a current exhibitor with the Burlington City Arts Council, Art on Main in Bristol, and the Great Falls Club in Middlebury.  She has been featured as the "Artist of Distinction" at Frog Hollow-Middlebury and exhibited at Johnson Memorial Gallery, Middlebury College, and the Ilsley Library.
Her artwork has been reproduced on the cover of books published by Oxford University Press and Rowman & Littlefield as well as on posters for the International Film Festival at Middlebury College, Addison County Humane Society, and Women Safe. She is a local curator of fine art. She lives in Middlebury, Vermont with her husband and two children.
"I incorporate art into my everyday life.  My late artist father was my mentor, much of my inspiration comes from my two children and from the places where I have lived.  I feel it is important to catch the true spirit of the moment in one's work, whether it is spontaneity and joyfulness, sadness and despair or everything in-between.  It is an ever-changing enterprise, a continuum, a culmination of the experience, and ultimately, the finished piece of art.
A successful painting to me, is one that you can get lost into, and--by and large--inside of the image, there can be discovered, a metaphor if you will, that is unique and personal to the viewer, which is not limited to one exclusive meaning or conclusion. 
When I paint, I just let the painting take me, where
it needs to go." -Patricia LeBon Herb
About Jen Labie: Jen Labie received her B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Vermont. She studied pottery, batik and silk painting in Florence, Italy and majolica painting in Faenza. Currently she has a studio in Ferrisbugh and teaches both batik and pottery. Her work is exhibited in galleries throughout Vermont.
Because of her attraction to functional art, she likes the concept of integrating art into our daily lives. She finds creating an object with a purpose without sacrificing aesthetics to be continually rewarding. She enjoys working in different mediums and focuses on form, shape and function when working with clay, striving for elegant and simple forms.
Her love of symmetry, patterns and especially radial designs has inspired her work. While studying in Italy, experimentation with majolica glazing piqued her interest in the relationship between negative space and color. When painting on silk, it is the colors and the overall design being created that absorb her. Each medium becomes an extension of herself in a different way.

About Art on Main: Art on Main is a non-profit community-supported artist-cooperative gallery committed to supporting the creative endeavors of individuals in our community through the exhibition and sale of art and craft, community events and outreach, and through professional development for artists. Our 80-plus artist members, over half of whom live in Addison County, hail from all corners of Vermont and beyond and exhibit work in a great variety of media from pottery to painting, jewelry to wood, textiles to photography.

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