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Cynthia Guild Kling, paintings
Sandy Jefferis, baskets

Saturday, September 3rd, 6pm to 8pm
Meet the artists. Chat. Eat.

Who: Cynthia Guild Kling, painter; Sandy Jefferis, basketmaker
What: Opening Reception, and month-long exhibition. Landscapes in Two and ThreeDimensions.
Where: Art on Main, 25C Main Street, Bristol, Vermont
Why: Featured Artist Series
When: Saturday, September 3rd, 2005, 6pm-8pm
Contact Info: 802.453.4032
Cynthia Guild Kling is currently painting from her home in Starksboro, Vermont, although her landscapes can be reminiscent of other places, as far reaching as Sweden and New Mexico. "Landscapes are a form of visual history. Many of the places I have painted have changed: fields are 'developed', trees die and are cut down, buildings are lost or moved, and roads are built of widened. My work tells the story of 'time when'."

Although less literal, Sandy Jefferis' baskets, especially the more recent paper vessel projects, have strong elements of the landscape as well. Sandy makes her home in Jericho where she is provided with inspiration by the surrounding fields and woods. Her basket designs are influenced by the landscapes and Native American cultures of the Southwest (New Mexico is in common past for both Sandy and Cynthia).

Cynthia and Sandy are the Featured Artists for the month of September, at Art on Main, the non-profit cooperative art gallery in Bristol, Vermont. Art on Main features two local artists monthly, in addition to the roughly 100 primarily local artists it displays on a regular basis. Every Featured Artists will have at least two characteristics in common: their work is both inspirational and skillful. The Opening Exhibition for September's Featured Artists will be held on Saturday, September 3rd, from 6pm to 8pm. Stop by to meet the artists, chat, and eat!