Art on Main   presents 

    Sticks & Stones

An exhibition featuring

Pottery By
Judith Bryant

Paintings by
Liza Myers

June 1--30 2004

Join us on June 5th

Artists' Chat
Hear the artists speak about there work
and  answer your questions

Artists' Reception
Featuring live musical entertainment

Art on Main
25c Main Street Bristol, VT.

Mon--Sat 10 to 6  Sun 12 to 5

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Sticks and Stones

Art on Main, 25C Main Street, Bristol, VT, presents an exhibition of pottery by Judith Bryant and the paintings of Liza Myers, June 1-June 30. Saturday, June 5, there will be an artist chat from 2-3 p.m., when the artists will discuss their work and respond to any questions, to be followed by an opening reception 3-5 p.m., featuring live musical entertainment. The talk, exhibition and reception are part of a yearlong series at Bristol's community art center and cooperative artists' gallery which each month features two of the artists whose work the gallery represents. The series if free and open to the public.

Judith Bryant

Judith Bryant began her love affair with clay in third grade by making a ceramic raccoon. She has been living and making pots in Vermont for over thirty years after graduating from Barnard College in New York, and studying ceramics In Colorado, New York and Vermont. Judith taught pottery classes and acted as assistant director at the Shelburne Craft School and later served as resident potter and teacher at the Vermont State Craft Center in Middlebury. Currently, she has a studio in Lincoln which she shares with friends and former students and where the amazing skies and sunsets influence her work.

"I'll always be fascinated by the process...the rhythm and flow of work on the wheel, the alchemy of fluid clay transformed by fire into pottery. Then the pieces go off like emissaries into the world. In creating functional pottery, I hope to help enhance and celebrate the rituals of daily life."

Liza Myers

Liza Myers
, born in Maryland, spent most of her formative years living in Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia and Uruguay. Her education, scattered between North and South America, culminated in an MFA fellowship at the Institute of Art in Maryland. Wherever she has been, she has always made art and taught others. In the past 18 years since moving to Vermont, Liza has exhibited her art in almost 70 shows while raising a family, teaching art at Lothrop School in Pittsford, as well as in numerous other teaching and learning programs.
Through it all, she is amazed by the details, colors and textures of the natural world choosing "to paint things that make me stop and catch my breath."

A constant theme in Liza's work is the thread of global interconnectedness, weaving its way through her imagery where she tries to convey her sense of wonder. For the last year she has focused on the intricate architecture of nests and textural variety of the materials from which the nests are woven. For her, "the nest crosses all linguistic and cultural barriers... and speaks of hope for the future; of the wonder of natural things."

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