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Garden: Earth & Sky
May 1 - June 15
Opening Reception: Saturday May 6, 5-7pm

Garden: Earth & Sky features handbuilt ceramics and mosaics by Warren artisan Mollie German and "faux moth" watercolors by Lincoln painter Nickolas Mayer.  Both are deeply inspired by nature in their lives and creative work.

Both an artist and a biologist, Nick Mayer combines the two in his extraordinary watercolors. "My goal as an artist," he says, "is to increase environmental awareness and responsibility by showing people the wonder of the living organisms around them, and without having to harm a living thing to do so." The work featured in this exhibit certainly accomplishes this goal. The Faux Moth project, now expanded to encompass butterflies as well, began on a summer night in 2001. Several large Saturniid moths visited Nick's porch light, and thinking of the elaborate specimen boxes he has seen in museums, he envisioned creating his own. He sketched and photographed the moths, later creating paintings with shadows to re-create the specimen box look. Not satisfied, he put them away until a new idea woke him in the middle of a winter night. Meticulously cutting the paintings out of the watercolor paper, he then bent and formed the painting to mimic the natural shape of the moth. Now, he creates bodies out of feather and fur to further enhance the realism of these pieces.

Mollie German is a tile artist and educator. Her deep connection to the beauty of the land inspired her move to Vermont six years ago. "Nature provides me with a consistency of constant change," she says, "repeatedly filling my creative well with new ideas and inspiration." The new work featured in the show, she calls Earth Patterns. Planters and vases built in organic rather than rigid forms glazed in swirls of brown and cream echo the patterns of fresh dug clays. In contrast, brightly colored shards of pottery form tile mosaics of spring fiddleheads. The shards are used in a three-dimensional manner that begs your fingers to follow the pattern through touch. Mollie seeks to combine the longevity of clay with the freshness of nature in the tiles and installations she creates as well. "I feel as though I have found a part of myself in the medium of clay," she says. "I continue to shape and mold myself artistically through life."

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