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Capturing the Light

an exhibition featuring

Paintings by

Sean Callahan
the jewelry of

Susan Snowden

May 1--30, 2004

Artist Reception

Saturday May 1st 3--5pm
Featuring Musical entertainment 

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Sean P. Callahan, as a watercolor artist I am drawn to repetition in nature and in still life work.  I am constantly observing how light and shadows create beauty in everyday objects and landscapes.  I like to make my compositions slightly askew, or left of center to draw the viewer into the painting.

I call Vermont my home and draw much of my inspiration from my surroundings.  I also draw inspiration from my dogs (two yellow labs), love of Ireland, my love of boats and the water, and painting fruit in an interesting composition.  I also have recently enjoyed painting flowers at close range.  These six subject matters tend to be the focus of my work and what I am passionate about painting. 

My goal as an artist is to constantly challenge myself as a painter and to challenge you as the viewer.  I want to continue to grow as an artist and bring my vision to the paper in a clean and concise way.  Painting has become a lifeline to me.  It has opened my eyes to so much beauty I did not see before.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.

Susan Snowden
, a native Vermonter, returned home to our state after a successful twenty year career in the Entertainment industry.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Costume Design.  Susan began making jewelry over a decade ago, as an antithesis to the collaborative nature of her profession, a hobby to please herself.  She was startled when friends and family clamored to own her work.  Soon, Susanšs jewelry was featured along the west coast in exclusive boutiques and galleries, from Portland, Oregon to Melrose and Santa Monica.

    A military brat, her fascination with glass sparked at age six, in Venice, while watching artisans in studios along the canals.  It is the alchemical nature of glass which intrigues and compels Susan.  Neither a liquid or a solid, but something in between, a rare state science calls a colloid.  Colored beads are frozen liquid light, firing and catalyzing imagination.  Each piece of jewelry Susan creates is unique and one-of-kind; a singular snapshot of a mood, a whim indulged, the interplay of color and light intimately explored, simply by following the eternal luring muse of glass.

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