Art on Main   presents….

The Physics of Color:
Paintings and Glass

An Exhibition featuring

the glassware of
Casey McMains

the paintings of
Bridget Nardiello Smith

April 1- 30, 2004

Artist Reception
Saturday, April 3rd 3--5 pm
Featuring musical entertainment

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25c Main Street
Bristol, Vermont 05443
802 453-4032

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For the month of April, Art on Main presents the work of two artists whose work utilizes the symbolic nature of color in very different ways. The public is invited to meet the artists, Bridget Nardiello Smith whose medium is paint and Casey McMains who produces functional works of hand blown glass. The opening reception will be held from 3-5 on the afternoon of April 3, at Art on Main, a community art center and cooperative artists' gallery located in the Deerleap Books building in the historical heart of Bristol, Vermont.

Bridget Nardiello Smith is a native of Lake Placid, New York, who now lives with her family in a wonderful old farm house in the village of Bristol. She began painting in acrylics at the age of ten and as a young teen recognized for the first time that her work had value beyond her own love for it when she was startled to see someone rescuing one of her paintings from the local dump where she had just deposited it.

While studying for her M.Ed. at Saint Michael's College in Winooski, Bridget investigated how art and its therapeutic uses could be incorporated into the regular classroom. She then used art as a tool for children to express themselves, communicate with others and often to heal in her ten years as an elementary teacher.

After a hiatus from painting following the births of her children, Bridget has found new inspiration in her craft and come to the truth that all she creates comes from what has been there all along; the connection to things and experiences from long ago are constantly part of what is created today.

Casey McMains lives in Jericho, Vermont, and has been working with glass since the spring of 1996. She first discovered glass as an artistic medium while studying metalsmithing in college in England, and has been perfecting her skills through repetition and practice during the past seven years, beginning with apprenticing in glassblowing while attending Burlington College upon her return to America.

Her influences are varied and expanding, currently being fascinated with the dichotomy of weapons and armor made of glass: items that are symbols of strength, protection and dominance being created by a medium thought of as fluid and fragile.

A theme to which she often returns is the symbolic nature of color and light, noting that throughout history colors have been used to symbolize a wide variety of meanings from passion to purity. For her, glass is one of the best ways to experience light as it can be transparent, opaque, or somewhere in between.

For directions or more information, please call Art on Main at 802-453-4032, or e-mail The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am-6 pm.

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