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March is a very special Featured Artists month

Love & Tenderness

Art on Main, 25 C Main Street, Artists' Alley, Bristol, VT, presents an exhibition of the Silk Paintings of Sarah Munro and the Jewelry of Charlotte Tyler. The show runs from February 1- February 28. Saturday, February 5, there will be an artist chat from 2-3 p.m. when the artists will discuss their work and respond to questions. Following, from 3-5 p.m., there will be a reception including live music by Harold Kaplan. The talk, exhibition and reception are part of a year long series at Bristol's community art center and cooperative artists' gallery which each month features two of the artists whose work the gallery represents. The series is free and open to the public.

Charlotte Tyler

Born in New York City, by the time Charlotte Tyler was 10 years old, she had already lived in three countries: USA, France, and Spain. She now lives in Vermont as a multilingual, multicultural autodidact.

Steeped in European education with an emphasis on the arts and having lived in Europe half her adult life with a brief stint in Brazil, Charlotte has a background in art history and direct experience in ceramics, production pottery, hand sculpting, tapestry weaving, basket making, oil and pastel painting, painting on silk, computer layout and text design, mold making and, more recently, faceting semiprecious stones.

At present, Charlotte is in love with gemstones. She greatly enjoys juxtaposing different colors of minerals, creating lovely pieces out of her extensive stone collection and takes on custom work with as much enthusiasm as her speculative pieces.

Sarah Munro

Sarah Munro is a Vermont artist with strong ties to the central Vermont community. She is the creator of her well-known silk scapes which have been selling nationally for many years. Sarah paints on silk using Procian dyes and Gutta resist. Good fun, play and shared conversation between oil paint, gesso, paper, canvas, texture, shape and color conspire to create her Sacred Space paintings.

She received her degree from Goddard College after attending the School of the Museum of the Fine Arts in Boston, MA. Currently, Sarah shows her work in a number of Vermont galleries and has been selling her work for 27 years.

"I experience absolute joy entering my studio after a night of dreams...I pick up my brush and paint and listen for, and hear, where the color is asking to go. To sense the evolution of each piece and to honor that voice as a vehicle for expression of the collective, waiting-to-be-born, is the very essence of being in the present moment, peace. This is the peace I can offer to the world."

For directions or more information, please call Art on Main at 453-4032, or e-mail info@artonmain.net. The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10-6 and Sunday and Monday by chance or appointment beginning in January through May.

Enter Art on Main